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How To Perfect Your App Store Optimization

How To Perfect Your App Store Optimization

ASO does not aim at enhancing app-page traffic instead it optimizes easy discoverability of the app by right and loyal users. It ensures that the users install the app and start to use it frequently rather than just visiting the page. In other words, it is all about conversion not traffic. This marks the difference between SEO and ASO. As a matter of fact, you can improve your app store page structure by simply being attentive to a wide variety of aspects that define your app whenever a potential user pays the page a visit. In that case, a list that has details about the major steps to take when creating informative, attractive and creative experience would be a great thing to you.

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Steps of optimizing your app store

Keyword research

The content of your page should have important words or phrases that will direct a potential user to your app especially if you are using exclusively selected tools for instance App Annie or SensorTower. However, ensure that you have selected your keywords wisely. Not to mention that your page`s increased organic traffic will be enhanced by a simple Appstore search

Description of the App

Incredibly, potential users don’t pay much attention to keywords. What they need most is an app that will seek their consent to open their private and sensitive data. With that said, you should not include a text that has different suggestions. Your app description should have relevant information about the app and should always remain brief.

App logo 

An app logo plays a key role in that it tells the user what your app entails. You should ensure that your app log is eye catching. It should stand out since it reflects the condition of your app anytime a potential user scroll and check diverse options, they first notice your icon. This tells you that your icon should be unique and attractive.

Competitive research 

It is wise to bring your friends as well as your competitor close. You can only do that by carrying out extensive research on the progress of your competitors. That way you will establish the secret behind their high ranking in the industry. Once you are updated about the existing trend, you can act differently and stand out as an Appstore star.

Great App Name 

You should come up with an app name that is catchy, easy to remember as well as informative. It should have main keywords as elements of the title. Not to mention that only the leading characters of your selected title will be seen by the users. In that case, your title should be eye catching and short.

In conclusion, the above are some of the steps of promoting your App Store Optimization. Put them into effect and you will see the difference.