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Photography then and now

Well, it’s about time that the photo filter has its due share of the credit for the state of modern photography. I really do believe that filters and apps like these are absolutely the key towards moving forward a photography. I know a lot of people disagree with me, and to be honest I really do not understand the opposition to the new movement of amateur photography. Yes, I understand, it seems like a lot of people are coming with their smartphones and gadgets like that to take work away. But, that’s not exactly the case. It is your responsibility as a professional photographer to be able to adapt to the conditions and rise above them. Nobody said these professions are supposed to be easy, as a matter of fact they’re some of the most Cutthroat and competitive professions that there are, because it is a crate of Industry that lots of people want to work in, and the conditions are always changing. What work for you is it photographer 20 years ago is different than 15 years ago is different than 10 years ago is different than five years ago is different than last year. That’s just how these things go, in my opinion, and I’ve seen very little evidence that would actually work against that claim, so that’s what I continue to believe. It may be a little too simplistic, but I really don’t think it is. I think that it is a concise but accurate summary of how the photography industry tends to move. I’ve been taking photographs for a long time. I’ve been official photographer for most of my life. I’ve been working as a professional for some time now.