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Technological Requirements for Successful Beacon Projects

The first beacon installation is always very challenging to many people who have embraced beacon technology. For your future beacon campaigns to be successful, you must optimize beacon technology as well as strategy. It’s important that you synchronize beacons technology and strategy as much as possible. Today, we though it wise to outline beacon technological requirements for a successful beacon project. Check them out!

  • Data security

For successful beacons project, you must ensure that only your company can access the beacon data. Data security consists of two aspects. First, you must ensure that your company has complete and total control over your own data, and that you can use it for whatever purpose you want. Secondly, it’s important that you ensure a secure and encryption of both the data and beacon ID. If you take care of the mentioned aspects of security, you can be sure that your data will be secure.

If you don’t ensure data security, chances are that your competitors might use your beacon data for their own targeting with certain beacons providers. Actually, this is always what happens in the Real Time Bidding.

  • Consider the beacons’ battery life

Battery life is a determinant for the success or failure of your beacon projects. Be sure to clarify the shelf life that your beacon partner can provide so that you prevent any malfunctioning that might occur. Unlike the initials ones, modern beacons have a battery life of one to two years.

  • Install the beacons at the POS

Depending on conditions and your beacon strategy, you should make adjustment of your beacons’ position at the POS accordingly. For instance, if you want to target shop visitors who have left the store without making a purchase then you will have to install your beacons at the cash register and, or at the exit.

  • Test the strength of the mobile signal

Be sure to check whether the mobile signal is strong enough at the location. If you find out that the strength of the mobile signal won’t be enough for some shop visitors, you can think of offering a free Wi-Fi service at your store. Ensuring that your shop has strong mobile signal will make your beacons to have the highest degree of usability. This will also allow your shop visitors to be able to download your app there and then.

  • Plan for your beacon project thoroughly

After concluding the first installation of beacons, start with a practice test that is within manageable limits. Don’t promise shop visitors a discount only to realize that it can’t do just because the technology is faulty.