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Well I just had my first visit to a brand-new Raleigh chiropractor

cĀ and I have to say that my experience was a positive one. I’ve used quite a few chiropractors in this city, none that I mentioned by name, as my opinion is only a negative one and I don’t believe in spreading negative reviews on the internet because I think that there is some kind of karma that happens when you sabotage somebody’s online profile– today businesses count so heavily on online reviews that by leaving a negative one you are really really doing more damage than you may think. Seriously, I have a sort of protocol for this kind of thing, because obviously you’re going to have some experiences with services and companies that are below par. That’s going to happen and that’s to be expected, but that does not mean that it’s okay for these companies to get away with providing lackluster services at their usual prices.

So, I suggest waiting 24 hours or so before leaving a negative comment on somebody’s Yelp profile or Facebook page because those ratings, as I said, are some of the most damaging things that you can do for a company… And sometimes, once your anger has cooled down a bit, you realize that what happened was not actually as bad as you might have felt it was in the moment. Other times, your anger will not have calm down and you will still be very passionate that you were not treated correctly by an individual or company or Institution… In this case, I have no qualms with leaving a negative review. Companies should not get away scot-free from this kind of thing. But, as I said I am not going to say anything negative about those previous chiropractors, because their faults and flaws are not so egregious and offensive that I feel like harming their public persona…